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Anything that annoys us is, teaching us patience.

Anything that angers us is teaching us forgiveness and compassion.

Anything that challenges us is teaching us to how to progress.

Anyone who leaves us is teaching us how to stand up on your own feet.

Anything that has power over us is teaching us how to take that power back.

Anything that we happen to hate is teaching us unconditional love.

Anything we fear is teaching us courage to overcome it.

Anything we can not control is teaching us how to let go…



Sinirlendiğimiz herhangi bir şey bize sabretmeyi öğretmektedir.

Öfkelendiğimiz bir şey bize bağışlamayı ve merhameti öğretmektedir.

Bizi zorlayan, uğraştıran bir şey aslında ilerlememizi, gelişmemizi sağlamaktadır.

Bizi bırakıp giden biri kendi ayaklarımız üzerinde durabilmeyi öğretmektedir.

Üzerimizde gücü olan bir şey, o gücü bir gün geri alabilmeyi öğretmektedir.

Nefret ettiğimiz bir şey bize koşulsuz sevgiyi öğretmektedir.

Korktuğumuz bir şey bize, onların üstesinden gelebilme cesaretini öğretmektedir.

Kontrol edemediğimiz birr şey, bize hayatı kendi akışına bırakabilmeyi öğretmektedir…  


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I am an international education improvement leader specialized with IB Diploma Programme. Pedagogical leader of changes and visionary school administrator. I help schools to introduce, implement and also improve their IB Diploma Programme by consulting, trainings that I offer and with my leadership. My international educational leadership skills are acknowledged by my appointment in the team of IB Diploma authorization visits in Europe, Africa and the Middle Eastern counties and also in Asia Pacific. As an IB recognized Diploma Programme educator, I have participated in the authorization and consultation of many schools all located in various parts of the world. On behalf of the IB organization I prepared reports on DP 5 year evaluation self-studies. I have a genuine interest in broadening the horizons of the young people that we educate and contribute improving the overall quality of the education institutes that I take my part in the admin team. As details can be seen below I keep on attending several professional development programs, including the Principals' Training Center. Many students and teachers with whom I had the chance to work closely with, certainly managed to change their lives for the much better and improved themselves a great deal . I can proudly say that, the same thing applies to the schools that I took part in the leadership teams. With great enthusiasm I teach IB Theory of Knowledge and philosophy. As a world citizen coming from a natural transition area in between the western world and the east, I have acquired a strong intercultural sensitivity.

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