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An extraordinary new school in Yokohama JAPAN.

Dubbed ‘the world’s first underwater school’, it will be launched into the sea in September 2014 and will gradually move from Japan towards Singapore. Along their underwater journey, students will study Ecology, Climate Change and protecting endangered species.




Beautiful music by LUCIA MICARELLI & CHRIS BOTTI live performance in Boston with Boston Symphony Orchestra

The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.”

Başarının anahtarı, bilinçli şekilde korkularımız yerine hedeflerimize odaklanmaktadır.



Dalai Lama XV
Dalai Lama XV





The purpose of education is to reduce the gap between appearances and the reality in people’s minds and hearts. The key is loving kindness and empathy for the humanity in each person.

(Eğitimin amacı insanların görünüşleriyle, akıl ve yürek gerçeklikleri arasındaki farkı azaltmaktır. Bunun için anahtar, sevecenlik ve her kişideki insaniyete empati duymaktır)

Library and Fortune Teller
Library and Fortune Teller



Everything that you did with your heart will return to you.Kalbinizle yaptığınız herşey size geri dönecektir.” (Rumi)


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