Kadınlar Günü / Women’s Day






Kadınlarımız için asıl mücadele alanı, asıl zafer kazanılması gereken alan biçim ve kılıkta başarıdan çok, ışıkla, bilgi ve kültürle, gerçek faziletle süslenip donanmaktır. Ben muhterem hanımlarımızın Avrupa kadınlarının aşağısında kalmayacak aksine pek çok yönden onlaın üstüne çıkacak şekilde ışıkla bilgi ve kültürle donanacaklarından asla şüphe etmeyen ve buna emin olanlardanım-

The actual field of accomplishment for our women is; to be equipped with enlightenment, knowledge, culture and genuine wisdom, rather than outer appearance and getting dressed. I certainly believe that (Turkish) women would challenge the western ladies and even be better than them. I am sure that Turkish women will be equipped with enlightment, knowledge and culture.

Kemal Atatürk

Türkiye Cumhuriyetinin Kurucusu

Founder of Modern Turkish Republic

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I am an international education improvement leader specialized with IB Diploma Programme. Pedagogical leader of changes and visionary school administrator. I help schools to introduce, implement and also improve their IB Diploma Programme by consulting, trainings that I offer and with my leadership. My international educational leadership skills are acknowledged by my appointment in the team of IB Diploma authorization visits in Europe, Africa and the Middle Eastern counties and also in Asia Pacific. As an IB recognized Diploma Programme educator, I have participated in the authorization and consultation of many schools all located in various parts of the world. On behalf of the IB organization I prepared reports on DP 5 year evaluation self-studies. I have a genuine interest in broadening the horizons of the young people that we educate and contribute improving the overall quality of the education institutes that I take my part in the admin team. As details can be seen below I keep on attending several professional development programs, including the Principals' Training Center. Many students and teachers with whom I had the chance to work closely with, certainly managed to change their lives for the much better and improved themselves a great deal . I can proudly say that, the same thing applies to the schools that I took part in the leadership teams. With great enthusiasm I teach IB Theory of Knowledge and philosophy. As a world citizen coming from a natural transition area in between the western world and the east, I have acquired a strong intercultural sensitivity.

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